First impressions are key…

Before you start here are a few key points to remember as you prepare you home for sale.

  1. De-clutter - Less is More. Normal everyday items can make a room look cluttered, so clear surfaces and benches of unnecessary items and objects. Pop away things like remote controls, keys, phones, laptops, paperwork, toys and personal items such as medicines. Even think about pieces of furniture that can be removed, all this fuss really does makes a big difference to the feel of the rooms, creating a more spacious and inviting feel.

  2. Lighting - check that all lights and bulbs are working in each room - and don’t forget the beside table lamps. Where you can, create space around windows to let more natural light into the rooms by tying back curtains and re-arranging pieces of furniture.

  3. Add little touches - Extra decorations such as candles, flowers, throw blankets and plants go miles to enhance the look and feel of each room. Diffusers look great add a nice touch and work wonders adding a light fragrance to your home.

  4. Power cords and other cables - make sure all cables and cords are out of sight even if it means unplugging devices while the room is being shot.

  5. Make your buyer feel at home - work on neutralising your home, this gives the buyer freedom to imagine themselves living in it, so pop away personal items like family photographs and your pet bowls etc.

Room by Room…checklist


Exterior -

Front yard and back yard

1. Take a good look around your property and check for cleaning or minor repairs on driveway areas, fences and walls - sometimes a new coat of paint or water blasting is needed to freshen up these areas.

2. Cut lawns and catch grass clippings. Trim hedges and add flowers or potted plants in areas that look empty.

3. Tidy up or put away gardening tools, pet bowls, washing lines, garden hoses, pool toys and rubbish and recycling bins.

4. Dress outdoor furniture with cushions and throws and check your outdoor lighting is working.


Entrance - set the tone for the rest of your home.

1. Put away shoes, coats and umbrellas and any other items that might clutter this area.

2. If this area is looking bare add a painting, framed picture or mirror.

3. If you have the space add a sideboard or small table with a vase of flowers or a potted plant.


Living room/lounge room - welcoming, warm, spacious…

1. Create a more spacious feel by removing bulky furniture.

2. Arrange book, CDs DVDs so they look neat and tidy on the shelves.

3. Decorate your room by adding cushions, throws and floor rugs.

4. Pop away remote controls, keys, toys and personal items.


Kitchen - the heart of the home…

1. Clear the counter tops, benches and shelves of clutter and unnecessary items.

2. Leave just a few appliances, like the kettle, toaster and/or coffee machine. Put away the food processor and bread maker type of appliances (less is more).

3. The Fridge is a large appliance and in some kitchens stands out, so remove fridge magnets, shopping lists, paperwork and any other items from the door and the top of the fridge.

4. Clean the sink area and pop away detergent, sponges, drying racks and plugs.

5. A fruit bowl or new cutting board will add a nice touch.


Bedrooms - cosy, peaceful and relaxing….

1. Make up beds with fitted linen - so sheets are not hanging down to the floor.

2. Dress beds with neutral colours adding splashes of colour with cushions and folded bed covers.

3. Put away personal items on bedside tables, dressers and cabinets and put away all clothes, shoes and bags.


Bathroom - clean and fresh…

1. Clean and wipe bathroom counter top areas and put away all personal items, toothbrushes, soap etc.

2. Shower - put away all shower items such as shampoos, conditioners, soaps and sponges. Clean the glass - a clean and clear shower looks best in photographs.

3. Hang up a set of matching towels use colours that are neutral but also add a bit of contrast if your bathroom is already neutral.

4. Decorate with a candle, diffuser or small plant.