DIY? Professional? Worth it?

Should you take your own photos or should you hire a professional real estate photographer?

I have come across a few private sellers who have taken their own photos and started marketing on various sites such as trade me. After a few weeks of little or no response to their ads they call me realising that their photos are not doing justice to their beautiful home.

It is worth paying the minimal cost for professional real estate photos…hit the market running with a set of beautifully crafted images of your property and win the hearts and minds of your buyers before they step through the door.

Your buyers first impression of your home is created by photos….Great Photos!

Here are a few examples:

On the left are examples of images shot using only ambient light (room/window light) so no artificial lighting, exposure bracketing settings (changing F stops) or editing - similar to using your cell phone but without a wide angle lens.

On the right are images that have been shot using professional DSLR camera, ambient and artificial lighting, exposure bracketing and final processing using photoshop editing techniques.

The difference is fairly obvious so remember - First impressions are key - Hit the market running with great photos at the beginning of you marketing campaign and get those buyers knocking on your door.